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Part D: Animation

Lumi ViewPoint Express interactive questions can be animated in the same way as any other Microsoft Office PowerPoint line, shape or text box on the slide. However animations can only be applied to the question before or after the 'Voting Control' is visible. The following tutorials will focus on animating a bar chart, but the same methods can be applied to column charts, pie charts and calculated values display types as well.

Step 1: Ungroup Question Display

As explained in 'Part C' of the 'Advanced Tutorials', a Lumi ViewPoint Express bar chart consists of different types of PowerPoint lines, shapes and text boxes within a single grouped object. Grouping all of the shapes and text boxes together allows us to easily move and resize the entire bar chart. You can apply animations to the whole group, but if you want to apply separate animations to different elements within the bar chart then it must be ungrouped
  • Select Slide 4.
  • Open the Lumi ViewPoint Express ribbon.
  • Click on the Add New Question icon.
  • Click with the Question box and enter What is the name of the original FIFA Football World Cup trophy?
  • Click within the Choices box.
  • Enter the first choice, Jules Rimet.
  • Press the Return key and enter the second choice, Jools Holland.
  • Leave the selected display type as Bar Chart and click OK.
  • Click once on a bar to select the entire chart group.
  • Click the right mouse button and choose Group > Ungroup.
  • You will now see that each individual text box and shape is selected.
  • Click in the space around the slide to deselect the bar chart.

Step 2: Reveal Correct Answer

  • Select the bar belonging to the first choice.
  • Open the Animations ribbon.
  • Click on Custom Animations.
    The 'Custom Animations' panel will appear to the right of the slide. You will see that there is already one animation within the list, "OpenQuestion: Vote Trigger", which activates the 'Voting Control' during slide show. This animation is applied to the small 'Vote Trigger' animation that is positioned off the slide at the bottom.
  • Choose Add Effect > Emphasis > More Effects.
  • Find and select Complementary Color.
  • Click OK.
    (If you are using PowerPoint 2010 then simply click on the 'Add Animation' button thenselect 'Complementary Color'.)
    The animations should now be ready to test in slide show.
  • Remove the IML Click USB receiver if present.
  • Open the Slide Show ribbon.
  • Click on From Current Slide.
  • Choose Continue With Sample Results.
  • Press the Enter key to open the vote.
  • Wait for the countdown clock to run out.
  • Press the Enter key to reveal the correct answer.
  • Press the Esc key to exit slide show.