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Communication with the 'Click' of a button

The stylish and affordable IML Click lets you hear from everyone, at the same time, with the click of a button.

Did you Know?

You can convert your existing slides to interactive questions with the click of a button.

Interactive PowerPoint Software

Lumi ViewPoint

How are people using Lumi ViewPoint?

IML's interactive PowerPoint software is simply the most intuitive and user-friendly voting application available. Combined with the IML Click, a team building event or seminar is transformed into an interactive training seminar.

Internal Training
Quiz your group on what they've learned and identify strength and weaknesses, all in real time and with instant reporting.

Everyday Meetings
From ad-hoc brainstorming sessions to formalized strategy planning, come away with actionable items from every meeting that you host.

Public Meetings
From local to national issues, make sure everyone has a voice about what happens in their lives.

Outreach Groups
Receive anonymous and candid responses from all participants in a safe and inclusive manner.

Market Research
Use IML Click with Lumi ViewPoint to find out what your clients think of your products and services – and then react.

Risk Assessments
Work with your team to assess risk and plan strategy accordingly.

Lumi ViewPoint
Interactive PowerPoint made easy.

Working with Lumi ViewPoint

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint

To make Lumi ViewPoint as easy to use as possible, we have added it directly to PowerPoint. Simply use it like you would use any other tab in PowerPoint. Design, format and animate your questions just like you would with any other PowerPoint slide. Lumi ViewPoint questions will even pick up your master templates to fit with your theme. Download a version of Lumi ViewPoint and give it a try!

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