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Communication with the 'Click' of a button

The stylish and affordable IML Click lets you hear from everyone, at the same time, with the click of a button.

Did you Know?

You can convert your existing slides to interactive questions with the click of a button.

Interactive PowerPoint Software

Lumi ViewPoint

Adding Interactive Questions to your Presentation is Easy!


Convert existing PowerPoint slides into interactive questions or create them from scratch using the Lumi ViewPoint Question Editor.


Run your PowerPoint presentation as you would normally. Your audience answers Lumi ViewPoint questions in real time.


Share results in real time and export to Microsoft Excel with the click of a button. Distribute your presentation with results included.

Lumi ViewPoint
Interactive PowerPoint made easy.

Lumi's interactive PowerPoint software is simply the most intuitive and user-friendly voting application available – and it's free. Combined with the IML Click, a team building event or seminar is transformed into an interactive training seminar.


Ask a question – any question


Lumi ViewPoint turns standard PowerPoint presentations into interactive PowerPoint presentations. Your audience can use their handsets to vote on multiple choice and numeric range questions, enabling them to engage more fully with the information they are receiving. In addition, you, as the presenter, are then able to amend your presentation or engage in open debate, based on the results that are instantaneously displayed on your screen. This truly interactive voting system opens a two-way channel of communication between you and your audience, making for greater engagement and information retention.

As a presenter, using interactive PowerPoint presentations can help you to improve your skills. The IML Click allows you to track individual responses en masse, but also gives them the opportunity to provide you with anonymous feedback.

It's taken a long time to make it this easy


At IML, we have been busy creating award winning interactive training software technologies for meetings and events for over 20 years. We not only create the technology, we have specialists using our technology to run hundreds of meetings worldwide every year. We've taken our collective experience to create the most intuitive and user-friendly voting application on the market today. With Lumi ViewPoint and the IML Click, your audience can fully engage in your PowerPoint presentation, meeting or training session.

So much to learn and do – so little time


With the click of a button, turn a standard PowerPoint slide into an interactive question. Gain real measurements of knowledge transfer and retention in minutes – not months. Learn what your audience is really thinking. Generate questions on the fly. Talk with your team – not at them. Have a last minute idea you want to get feedback on? No problem. Your presentation made interactive, in seconds. Lumi ViewPoint allows you to track each individual's response or let them anonymously tell you how incredibly great (or absolutely horrible) your idea might be.

Smooth, seamless integration with PowerPoint and Excel


Whether you use PowerPoint's built in themes or your own templates, Lumi ViewPoint questions can be formatted with the click of a button. All of your favorite PowerPoint tools can be used to design your questions making them appear exactly how you'd like them to look. Then, if you need to analyze the meeting outcome, simply click a button to view a comprehensive set of results directly in Microsoft Excel. Lumi ViewPoint works with PowerPoint 2007 and above. It has been developed from the ground up to work seamlessly with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Reporting to Microsoft Excel


When the meeting is over, view results directly in Excel. Share your results with other members of your team. Not an Excel expert? Trying to accomplish something unique? No Problem. Check out our resource section for tips, tricks, helpful utilities and expert advice. We're always adding something new.

Simply click 'Create Report' from within ViewPoint. Microsoft Excel will then automatically launch showing all of your meeting results. Whether you're interested in the high level overview of your meeting or want to get to the finest level of granularity, it's all there.

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