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How Technology Can Streamline Your End-of-Year Meeting

simonbryan  by Simon on Jun 24, 2011

Your end of year HR department meeting is an important time for the entire department to catch up and recap how the year as a whole went. It may involve surveys, comparing goals and objectives with outcomes, brainstorming ideas for the upcoming year, redefining evaluation procedures and hopefully a few fun activities. With only one day to fit in a review of the past year and to make important decisions or changes for the upcoming year, it’s imperative to make the most out of your time. Running efficient sessions, hearing what your employees have to say and adding a little fun can make all the difference.

This is where using technology to its fullest potential can help you streamline your entire schedule while ensuring that you’ve received measurable feedback and heard all the best ideas. An audience response system (ARS) can help you achieve this. With an ARS, you can conduct a large scale employee survey to discover any widespread shifts in attitudes electronically instead of on paper, receiving more responses and allowing employees to either remain anonymous or to be tied to their responses (depending on the type of survey  and administrator’s preference). Simply add your questions to PowerPoint slides and have employees vote on their keypads. Or use an ARS in break out groups to have group members vote on the best ideas that the group has come up with. Then, when the entire meeting comes back together, you could assemble all the best ideas from each group and have all of the attendees rank or vote on them. The possibilities for interaction are endless – why not add some energy and fun to the mix with a quiz-based Q&A review of the year?

In any situation where you want to hear your employees’ opinions or need a large group to make a decision, an ARS can be invaluable. From redefining job evaluation procedures to training for mentors, an ARS is a versatile tool to have at your disposal, both for everyday meetings and for large-scale meetings like the end-of-year department meeting where the agenda is packed full of items that need to be accomplished.

IML, global leaders in event technology, offers ARS solutions from the simple to the sophisticated. If you’re looking to leverage an ARS for your end-of-year meeting, check out the IML Click and IML ViewPoint Express system here.


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