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Focus Groups – Delivering Instant Results

simonbryan  by Simon on Aug 31, 2011

If it’s part (or all) of your job to conduct focus groups, monitor participant responses and analyze their results, you know how time consuming they can be. Sometimes it can seem like you're not getting enough or the right information. And even if you manage to collect all of the information you want; distilling the responses to find the true meaning can be a challenge. Say you need feedback from your employees or a group of HR managers on the pros and cons of the company's current healthcare provider. Wouldn't it be great to have a system that delivered instant results and helped direct the next questions you ask in the right direction? With electronic voting keypads, you can ask the questions and get instant results displayed in front of you. What if the responses to one question lead to an idea for another that you hadn't originally expected to ask? No problem, with IML's free ViewPoint Express software it literally takes only seconds to create a new follow up question, and again receive instant responses.


How to Use Real-time Quizzes for New Hire Training

simonbryan  by Simon on Jul 26, 2011

Below is a guest article written by Isabelle Jean from Computershare on how they used IML Clicks and IML ViewPoint software for training new call center employees. This method could also be applied to almost any type of training scenario.

When we acquired the IML Clicks, we immediately started looking at ways to use them to administer Level 2 activities for what we referred to as “Must Know” items within our Communication Centre New Hire Program. In PowerPoint, we created 15 multiple-choice questions for each week and converted the questions to work with the IML Clicks. Because learners must be able to recall these “Must Know” items quickly while on the phone with a holder, we also added a timer to each question.


How Technology Can Streamline Your End-of-Year Meeting

simonbryan  by Simon on Jun 24, 2011

Your end of year HR department meeting is an important time for the entire department to catch up and recap how the year as a whole went. It may involve surveys, comparing goals and objectives with outcomes, brainstorming ideas for the upcoming year, redefining evaluation procedures and hopefully a few fun activities. With only one day to fit in a review of the past year and to make important decisions or changes for the upcoming year, it’s imperative to make the most out of your time. Running efficient sessions, hearing what your employees have to say and adding a little fun can make all the difference.