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Exciting New Features Enhance IML ViewPoint Premium

hannahwidell  by Hannah on May 03, 2012

IML ViewPoint Premium now includes functionality to perform advanced analysis on voting results during or after your meeting. There are three different analysis types: demographic split, compare and recall. These new features allow you to revisit results and gain valuable perspective from your meeting.

Here’s how these analysis types work:

Demographic split: Split voting results into a variety of demographics like gender, region, age or any other characteristic of interest to determine data trends.

Compare: See an instant comparison between voting results from the same, or similar, questions. Use this analysis type as a before and after tool to easily gauge progress or to compare priorities.

Recall: Revisit any poll within your presentation to emphasize prior voting results or to change how the results are displayed.

These new features of IML ViewPoint Premium allow you to further analyze and gain insight from your results, ensuring that not only are the right questions asked and answered, but that there are valuable takeaways from your meeting. Learn more about IML ViewPoint Premium here.