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Technology in Learning and Development

hannahwidell  by Hannah on Feb 02, 2012

According to the ASTD 2011 State of the Industry Report: Increased Commitment to Workplace Learning, “Many organizations are investing in technology-based delivery systems and methods, and the growing use of technology to deliver content will continue to shape the future of the learning field.” And, “ASTD’s research demonstrates that leading-edge L&D departments incorporate more technology components and processes than their lesser performing counterparts. As the economy and the employment situation stabilize, we expect a return to the growing use of technology to design, deliver, and manage L&D.”

                Chart showing use of technology methods during formal learning hours over time. 

Technology based methods are expected to return to their growth pattern as the economy stabilizes.


As shown by this report, incorporating technology into your learning and development program can help your department perform better and allows you to more easily ‘design, deliver and manage’ your employees’ training. How exactly does technology help you do all these things? If you choose the right tool it gives you a consistent, easy-to-use system with reporting built-in. More...