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Get Interaction in Your Sessions with Wireless Response Systems

hannahwidell  by Hannah on Sep 15, 2011

Wireless response systems are an educational assessment tool, designed to build an attractive and engaging learning environment for both presenters and audience members.

Before the introduction of classroom response systems, a presenter could only hope that information had been fully received and understood. Now, using classroom clickers, it is possible to track the progress and understanding of students individually or en masse. IML software allows presenters to ask students questions in a variety of ways, including multiple choice or numeric value formats. Audience voting systems allow participants to respond anonymously or, using student ID coding, in such a way that the presenter can identify a particular respondent.


'Pro' or 'Anti' Meeting?

hannahwidell  by Hannah on Sep 09, 2011

Do you consider yourself ‘pro-meeting’ or ‘anti-meeting’? Here at IML, we see the value in meetings nearly every day. Between putting our technology to use at our clients’ meetings and holding our own, we see first-hand how much meetings can help us accomplish.

We also understand that when meetings aren't run as effectively as they can be, it can be frustrating to attendees. They might feel like they're a waste of time and be tempted to write off meetings altogether as boring and unproductive. We think meetings deserve a second look though. And it turns out we're not alone! There's a movement called 'Keep America Meeting' that has set out to prove the crucial role that meetings play. For more on this movemnet, check out our article "Keep America Meeting: The Petition to Save Meetings."