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Coming Up: IML Click Webinar

hannahwidell  by Hannah on Jul 29, 2011

Learn how you can add value to any training environment with IML's Click System!

Join us live and online to hear from our IML Click expert, and see how this easy-to-use system can be incorporated into your sessions.

About the Event:
Live webinar hosted by our IML Click expert
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST

To register for this event please follow this link: visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/495516835

If you have any questions regarding the IML Click System or registration for the live webinar, please contact Lindsay Hazeltine at 212-805-7332 or lindsay.hazeltine@imlworldwide.com.

Live Polling: Getting Quiz Results

toddregan  by Todd on Jul 29, 2011

    In this article we will assume that you have just

    completed your first live polling quiz. If you are

    interested in scoring the results, you may have to

    tweak your results a bit. To help you with that process,

    I have created a basic template for you to copy and

    paste your results into. 



    We conduct quarterly exams with the IML Clicks in

    addition to surveys and polling during training. As a

    result, our trainer needs to know who received what

    score on their exam and fast. With the IML Click System,

    not only do you have access to the graphed results

    in PowerPoint, you also have detailed response results 

                                                 within the “IML ViewPoint Express” ribbon. 



How to Use Real-time Quizzes for New Hire Training

simonbryan  by Simon on Jul 26, 2011

Below is a guest article written by Isabelle Jean from Computershare on how they used IML Clicks and IML ViewPoint software for training new call center employees. This method could also be applied to almost any type of training scenario.

When we acquired the IML Clicks, we immediately started looking at ways to use them to administer Level 2 activities for what we referred to as “Must Know” items within our Communication Centre New Hire Program. In PowerPoint, we created 15 multiple-choice questions for each week and converted the questions to work with the IML Clicks. Because learners must be able to recall these “Must Know” items quickly while on the phone with a holder, we also added a timer to each question.


Make every session a proactive session with audience voting systems and keypads

hannahwidell  by Hannah on Jul 22, 2011

Imagine if you could keep your audience more engaged, actively increase the knowledge they retain and get instant feedback from the whole room. Using wireless voting systems, you can.


Our audience voting systems are the result of over 20 years of development. We have created voting pads that are stylish to look at, simple to use and ViewPoint integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint 2007 and above. Effectively, we have created a two-way communication system between the presenter and the audience which, rather than interrupting the flow of a presentation, only serves to enhance it.